National Park Plitvice lakes

The area of Plitvice Lakes is the largest National Nature Park in Croatia and one of the oldest in South East Europe. The UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of 16 interconnected lakes and about 90 waterfalls. A visit to this fairytale and dazzlingly beautiful nature reserve is never to be forgotten.

There are several hiking trails, from about 3 km to almost 20 km. On most routes you use the little train and the boat to cross the lake. Route H starts at the upper lakes (your start with the train just outside the entrance of the park!) and walk to the lake where you will be taken to the other side by boat. With this route you can see both the upper and lower lakes. To conclude, one of the most beautiful lower over the lower lakes and the large waterfall.

It is a 3.5-hour drive from Casa Luconi. In one day you can visit the Plitvice lakes, but you can of course also choose to spend the night in the vicinity of the Plitvice lakes. There are many rooms, guesthouses and hotels, an overnight stay can easily be arranged on site.